The Rabbit Hole Children’s Theater

The Rabbit Hole Children’s Theater is a place where imagination and pretend play take center stage! We are a team of artists and educators on a mission to empower children through the magic of make-believe.

At The Rabbit Hole, our emphasis is on process over performance. We’ve been developing our unique, play-based approach to arts education since 2013, and have worked with thousands of kiddos and their families over the years. Whether through in-person offerings at our studio in San Francisco, live productions and school outreach, our audio shows, or our pretend play kits, we are here to inspire through the power of storytelling and pretend play.

Empowering Children Through The Magic of Make-Believe

We believe that the answers for tomorrow lie in the imaginations of the kiddos of today. Our curriculum uses imaginative play and theatrical storytelling to nurture the creative spark within every child. Our heart-centered approach empowers kids to tap into their creative potential.

Learning Through Play

Research shows that when children are given the opportunity to engage in make-believe and play, they grow up with a greater sense of self and a more expansive view of the world. At Rabbit Hole, we see a future where creativity is valued just as highly as literacy and where the arts are recognized as a powerful tool for unlocking human potential.

Trust Your Spark

Our motto, “Trust Your Spark”, is an invitation for children and adults alike to listen to that inner voice and share your gifts with the world. We believe that every person has a unique creative spark waiting to be ignited– and that through nurture and play, we can help our little ones develop a deep sense of worthiness around their ideas and contributions.

We’re here to provide you with a creative curriculum that nurtures your child’s inner world and helps their imagination thrive.

Meet The Team

At The Rabbit Hole Children’s Theater

Brooke Patton

Owner. Founder. Director.

Strider Patton

Head of Social Media. Craftsman. Teacher. Performer.

Kelsey Sailors

Studio Manager. Teacher.

Bee Betwee

Prop artist

Mary Eriette Atanante

Communications Coordinator. Teacher. Performer.

Meryl Theo Press

Head Illustrator. Teacher. Performer.

Jenell Del Cid

Head Puppeteer. Teacher. Performer.

Ariella Cooley

Sound Designer. Teacher. Performer.

Jake Gleason

Teacher. Performer.

Sara Moon

Teacher. Performer.

Samira Ghassemian

Teacher. Performer.


The Rabbit Hole Children’s Theater


The Rabbit Hole Children’s Theater
800 Diamond St
San Francisco, CA 94114

“This place is a treasure, and so are the people working there.”
Gilles D.
“A wonderful place that has the potential to make a lifelong impact on your kids!”
Jimmy C.
“My little one attended classes here from the time she was 1-4 years-old, and she loved every minute of it. This place will always have a special place in my heart.”
Gabriela W.
“We can only hope that the other teachers that we meet along our son’s educational path could be the wind in my son’s sails like Miss Meryl and Miss Jacquie have been.”
Diana P.
“Brooke and her team are awesome with the kiddos and spend time getting to know each one. Can’t rave about it enough!”
Nissa A.

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